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Welcome to Experience France

EXPERIENCE FRANCE - advanced knowledge in French life, culture and 'terroir'.

We aim to bring you the stories, reviews and assistance that you need to live, work and play in France. Our dedicated team brings you the best offers, deals and discounts the web has to offer.

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Travel, property and life in France - welcome to Experience France.

About Us

Experience France is specifically aimed at UK residents who visit France, whether for holidays, work or a second home, we aim to make planning journeys, buying homes or finding out information much cheaper and easier. Our dedicated team takes time and care to research what is out there to bring you the best offers and deals the web has to offer.

ExperienceFrance.co.uk was created by Rémi Thackrey to help save you money and find the best travel, property, shopping and holiday deals for France. Our readers like the convenience of having all the French resources they need in one place.

About the site

Our aim is to help bring you the best deals we can find, making your visit or move to France cheaper and happier. We do not guarantee that we find all the best deals but we are pretty good at it. If you see something that you think may be of interest to us get in touch, we love to hear from you. Reviews on the site are submitted by our readers and thus do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of ExperienceFrance.co.uk or any of its staff.

How the site is funded

We spend a lot of time looking for the best deals we can find and then share them with our readers, this is our primary goal. We then look for what is called an 'affiliate link', whereby we earn a small commission if someone uses that link then makes a purchase. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT THE PRICE YOU PAY. You can go directly to the sites and see that the prices are the same. In many cases we cannot find affiliate links but include the company anyway thus bringing you the best deals we can find, even if we don't earn a commission. Our aim is not to rule the world but hope that this site pays for itself one day.

By being in control of what we publish, rather than being dictated to by advertisers, we can give honest feedback and do what we feel is best for the consumer. If you have any questions about this do not hesitate to contact us.

Message from Rémi Thackrey - Founder ExperienceFrance.co.uk

Being both French and English by birth Rémi was brought up in the culture of both nations. He said "I developed ExperienceFrance.co.uk because it is the website I was looking for and couldn't find. There are some great 'French appreciation' websites out there, but non that do it all conveniently and in one place. We hope that you find it convenient and would love to hear your thoughts. We are doing it for the love of it and hope that it will one day pay for itself."

Some of our regular Contributors to which we are grateful!

Steve Tibbs - MD, Fish Design
Steve has spent many years travelling in France, with frequent trips taking his motor racing team. When asked if his company would create the ExpereinceFrance.co.uk website he jumped at the chance, explaining "Anything that allows me to explore more of France is always going to be a good choice for me. The team and I love the French races because, in between the hard work we get to eat and drink well."

Madeline Horth - Editorial team - How to/Guides
Madeline joined the ExperienceFrance.co.uk team while studying for her Journalism Degree, a keen traveller herself Madeline brings a passion for providing useful information in a style that is clear and concise.

Cynthia Caughey Annet
Cynthia is the creator of a video blog call American in France and catalogues her experiences on life, culture, food and the occasional review. To visit her site follow this link.

Valérie Lemiere
Business advisor and start-up guru in France. Valérie is a professional business advisor and has created an online resource foe those wanting to start a business in France. With tutorials, videos and a members-only forum, we were delighted to have Valerie on board as our entrepreneur's advisor.

If you would like to become a contributor, please get in touch. Remember that this is not a place blatantly to advertise your services but to share valuable knowledge that may be useful to our readers. If this sounds like you, then please get in touch, we are open to ideas.


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