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Very embarrassing story

Kiss my ...WHAT? - lost in translation

added by Remi

Kiss my ...WHAT? - lost in translation

I still cringe thinking of this, 15iiiish years later.

Let me set the scene for you:

As a hormonal teenager on holiday in France, I managed to woo the girl of my dreams, well for that summer anyway. I was young, naive and horny. I thought that the way to a teenage girl's heart was tender ROMANCE. Not sure of what that actually meant I improvised.

After unsuccessful bra fiddling I changed tactic. We had snogged (kissed) each other to the point of raw chins and I thought of..well, let's be honest...boobs.

'Ah.. romantic words will work here', in my frenzied French I thought I said "Bis mon cou" - a passionate, slow 'kiss my neck'. In the heat of the moment I actually said...oh dear, 15 years and I still cringe..."Bis mon cul!".

The pronunciation is almost the same, but "kiss my arse" was not the romantic words I was looking for. A moment of absolute cringe-worthy embarrassment ensued. She looked at me. I smiled. The relationship didn't last much longer, not sure why?

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