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Real France Stories

Many of our readers have shared their experiences of living,
working and travelling in France. We hope that you find them
informative, interesting and sometimes fun.

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Living in France

These are some of your real life stories about Living in France, if you would like to view articles in other categories please select the category from the menu on the right

The gravel and the funeral - view..
With a funeral about to happen and several tonnes of gravel to shift from the church car park our readers had a mammoth task on their hands.

Coup Icare: Air Sports Festival in the French Alps Featuring Costumed Hang Gliders - view..
The events include hot air balloons, exotic bird exhibits and shows, parasailing jumps, gliders, airplane acrobatics, helicopter rides, and tents filled with airplane gadgets and toys, food and music, street performers, and a multitude of other related activities.

Wine Harvesting in the Alps (video) - view..
We found a harvest in the vineyards where we take walks and watched them cutting the grapes from the vines.

Annecy, France: Annual Venetian Carnival, (video) - view..
Every year during Carnival time, Annecy has a Venetian costume and mask Festival.

Dodgy DIY - view..
Just saying an English word with a French accent is not always the best way to make yourself understood, as these two found out!

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