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Snails - a French delicacy

Snails...they’re not MEAT are they!

added by Remi

Many years ago, my dad took his new wife to France. After much evangelising about French food, he took his wife to France to stay with friends. The friends were both chefs and had run restaurants for many years, thus good food.

The friends had recently started a ‘new fangelled’ pizza takeaway business. At the time the French did not do takeaway, much as now, but the business was relatively successful. My dad’s new wife was looking forward to her meal and had explained in advance that she did not eat meat. At this time vegetarians were still mostly considered mythical in France. Imagine the horror, when with your new spouse and important friends of being presented with a snail pizza!

Having found an opportunity to pass the snails descreetly to my dad, who deposited them in a plant pot for the dog, she finished her meal. The chefs were so delighted that she ate it all they vowed to make it for her again next time she came round.

By the way, bread crumbed black pudding balls won. How dissapointing!

Snail Pizza

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