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Travelling in Brittany

Auray and Carnac, Brittany: Traveling in Western France (video)

added by Cynthia Caughey

Brittany’s best-known prehistoric site is Carnac. The groupings of 3,000 standing stones are the most extraordinary menhirs in the world. They date back 4,500 to 6,000 years. The biggest assembly of stones are protected by fences and must be seen with a tour guide, but we ran across a few groupings that were unprotected and we walked casually through them. You will see in the video how large they are – they tower over Bernard. There is also a burial mound you can visit by making an appointment with the Tourist Office. The purpose of the menhirs is unknown but the most likely explanation is that they were gathering places and religious centers - perhaps where rituals to the sun god were performed.

We spent very little time in the city of Auray, although we hear it is a lovely town. We were instead drawn to its quaint little harbor with restaurants, boats, artists shops, and winding streets. It was a lovely visit and a relaxing afternoon.

more info... http://www.american-in-france.com/auray-and-carnac-brittany-traveling-in-western-france.html

Auray & Carnac Brittany by cinzia8

Travelling in Brittany

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